Welcome to our 24 by 7 ADA Staking Pool

We keep costs low for the community with a 1% margin

We are a relatively small SPO who would like to play our part in hosting a pool to help decentralise Cardano in the South East Asian region.

Support us by

Delegating to SRN via Daedalus or Yoroi.


We are proud to have received ₳3.25M in delegation for Q2 2021 by IOG.
Full announcement can be found here.

Limited token offering (PIGY)

We have partnered with the creator of the token, PIGY, which is one of the first few tokens created on the Cardano blockchain shortly after the introduction of Mary-era on the mainnet.
Current promotion offers:

100,000 PIGY to the first 20 delegators who delegate since epoch 268 with a minimum delegation of 25.

After which, the following promotion applies

  • 100,000 PIGY to delegators who delegate at least ₳100,000 (10 spots).
  • 50,000 PIGY to delegators who delegate at least ₳50,000 (10 spots).
  • 25,000 PIGY to delegators who delegate at least ₳10,000 (10 spots).
  • 10,000 PIGY to delegators who delegate at least ₳500 (100 spots).

All delegators who can qualify for PIGY token promotion must have delegated to SRN for at least 4 epochs whilst promotion is active.

About our stake pool

Our stake pool operation is based in Malaysia where we manage 3 full time bare metal nodes with 1 backup.

Our stake pool consists of 2 relay nodes and 1 block producing node up 24 by 7.

We employ 2 Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB units as full time nodes (1 relay and 1 block producer).

We guarantee maximum uptime with an experienced technician who looks after our nodes.

Associated alliances

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Pool performance info by ADApools.org

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